Infant Development Program

What is the Infant Development Program?

  • Support to parents in planning activities to encourage child development
  • Assessment to identify specific areas of developmental delay
  • Services are provided by Consultants who are professionals with specific training in early child development activities
  • Offered to families at no cost
  • Participation is always voluntary and information shared is confidential

 Why an Infant Development Program?

  • From birth to three years, a child develops at a very rapid pace. Some babies, however, may be slower to reach developmental milestones such as sitting alone, playing with toys, walking, or talking. With extra help for you and your family, and perhaps a different approach in teaching skills, your baby can be encouraged to learn and may progress more readily. Future physical, social, emotional, behavioural, communication and intellectual development depends largely on your baby’s early experiences with his / her family.

Who qualifies for IDP services?

  • Children aged birth to three years old who are at risk for, or who already have a delay in development and up to six if warranted and space allows
  • Children with a diagnosed disability
  • Children referred by parent, doctor, public health nurse, therapist, etc.

IDP Referral Procedure

Referrals may be made by any professional or community member, including the parents themselves and/or relatives of the child.  However, before any referral is made, the parent(s) or guardians of the child must be informed about the program and agree to the referral. Referrals most often are received from doctors, public health nurses, speech therapists, physiotherapists, and occupational therapists.

Referral forms may be directed to the Infant Development Program by phone, mail, and fax or by hand delivery. If the referral is received by phone, the Consultant will fill out the necessary information on the IDP Referral Form.