Homeless Outreach and Prevention Program

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What is the Homeless Outreach and Prevention Program
The Homeless Outreach and Prevention Program (HOPP) provides direct support and resources to individuals and families trying to achieve or maintain safe, affordable market housing.
The HOPP service directly engages people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness by addressing immediate needs, assisting with personal goals, and connecting individuals and families with stable accommodation and appropriate services.
The HOPP is often the first point of contact for individuals and families within the provincial system of housing and support services. The program provides support to find long-term or more stable housing options. It provides referrals to appropriate services in the community to support independence along the housing continuum.

Rental Supplements

Monthly rental Supplements are available to individuals and families needing assistance in Fraser Lake, Vanderhoof and Fort St. James. Applications for supplements will be accepted at any time, from anyone and are assessed based on need. Please phone or enquire in person to apply.

HOPP Services are available to:

Anyone over the age of 19 who is homeless or at risk of homelessness and Youth transitioning into independence

Referral Process

One can self refer to the HOPP program, or can be referred by family, friends, or other agencies. Please phone or enquire in person

Definition of Homeless

Homeless or Absolute Homeless is defined as a person or family not having a place of their own to live or sleep.

At risk of homelessness could be a person or family that is facing uncertainty about where they will be living month to month or night to night   This could be due to lack of appropriate housing in their community or financial struggles.

Outreach Support Program

Individuals and families are supported to increase well being and quality of life, by assisting them to identify and access services.

The following principals and values guide us in assisting people to find and maintain housing.

¨ Confidentiality

¨ Client-centered Approach

¨ Relationships of trust and mutual respect

¨ Realistic plans based on long and short-term goals

¨ Liaison and Advocacy

¨ Recognizing Diversity

¨ Community Inclusion

¨ Continuum of Care