Early Years Programs

Infant Development Program

From birth to three years, a child develops at a very rapid pace. Some babies, however, may be slower to reach developmental milestones such as sitting alone, playing with toys, walking, or talking. With extra help for you and your family, and perhaps a different approach in teaching skills, your baby can be encouraged to learn and may progress more readily. Future physical, social, emotional, behavioural, communication and intellectual development depends largely on your baby’s early experiences with his / her family.

Community Action Program for Children

CAPC provides a supportive, learning environment for moms, dads, care-givers and their children aged 0-6.Healthy children ready to take on the challenges of life when they arrive at kindergarten are the product of healthy families living in supportive, healthy communities. CAPC strengthens the parents and caregiv-ers capacity to support their chil-dren’s healthy development.

Early Years Resource Centres

We are delighted to announce the opening of our Early Years Drop-In Resource Centre. Paremts of children age 0-6 are welcome to come in and visit, and find out what rescources are available to them within and outside NVCSS