Community Living BC Programs

Residential Programs

Adults with developmental disabilities who require 24 hour support are a perfect fit with our Residential Programs. Our goal is to provide homes which closely resemble a close-knit family unit, with ‘together’ meal-times, activities that can be shared by all in the home, and fun-time outings. A place where our clients feel they belong, can have friends over, share their lives and activities with their roommates and make their home uniquely their own. We currently have two homes with three clients in each home which are funded through Community Living BC (CLBC) and are licensed under the Community Care Facility Act. Clients are referred and contracted through CLBC.

Self-Help Programs

Self-confidence, decision-making skills, personal planning and self-determination are all areas that the Self Help program will assist clients with. Clients who have developmental disabilities will maximize their independence in their home and within the community through life skills training according to the goals that the client has set for themselves. Individual service plans are created with input from the clients and their CLBC facilitator. The life skills workers support the plan by providing activities that teach cooking, nutrition, menu planning, grocery shopping, budgeting, household skills, personal care skills, socialization and job readiness skills and any other activity that may be required to enhance the clients’ independence. This service is offered in Fraser Lake, Fort St James and Vanderhoof. Clients are referred and contracted through CLBC.

Semi-Independent Living Skills

Adults with developmental disabilities who need a little extra help with their independent living choice will benefit from the SILS program. Our clients live either on their own or with family, in their own apartment or house. The life skills workers help with menu preparation, shopping, household skills, educational support, and budgeting. We can also provide any other support that may be required which will enable a client to maintain the living situation they have chosen. This service is offered in Fraser Lake, Fort St James and Vanderhoof. Clients are referred and contracted through CLBC.

Supported Work/Vocational Incentive Program

All of us look forward to the feeling of satisfaction in a job well-done. Adults with developmental disabilities are no different and the Supported Work program assists clients in developing job readiness skills. Life skills workers will help clients access job-search/placement agencies, create a résumé, explore employment options and develop skills necessary to maintain paid work in our community. This service is available in Fraser Lake and Vanderhoof.